Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sex Education for Children

Sex education For Children

Sex education is not just mean pornography, sex education for children is always begin from she/he is 5 years old. Your children already known which girl and male, and they should know where place for urinal for girl pee and urinal for man. They already separate their bed room between girl and man. Young children begin to learn how they behave as girl or as man to follow their tradition in each country.

Sex education is learn from the beginning of the child bird. They got many kissing from their parent, brothers and even from align people. The baby got kissed from different sex, or similar sex. But this all positive sex education, not pornography.

Sex education indirectly has been touching to our children from them still a child. Their parent tech to their children can differ what is male and what is female genital. They also learn about feel ashamed if not use cover for their genital. Their parent also tell to their children about how their child should say about handsome to male sex and say pretty to female.

Child should call her father and mother also to differ about the sex different between man and woman. So the child will understand what is he or she is. Sex education in Western may differ from Eastern culture, in Western sex education is more openly to tell to their child compare with Eastern that sometime feel ashamed to give learn directly to their child. Such as tell to their children about menstruation cycles and get out sperm to adult man. Actually this story should not be closed for children knowledge and in order to our child more careful about their condition and relationship with their friend.

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